Erotic Massage programs in Budapest

Discreet erotic massage programs in Budapest with gorgeous girls!

(We do not provide sexual services!)

Pampering Erotic massage

Whether you choose this massage, you won’t lack in pampering touches! The well experienced hands of our masseuses will relax your body with nice and smooth movements and heated, fragrant oils. Erotic massage should not be confused with sex massage. Our masseuses who goes out to addresses do not provide sexual services! BUT! – we represent the art of the erotic massage which embodies you perfectly, without actual sex action.
We guarantee that you will be a returning client once you tried it.

Lingam massage

The lingam massage is a male massaging technique in the Tantra which can take you to such joys that you never dreamed of. The essence of the lingam massage is in the special technique where you are completely relaxed while you find joy in the process. This can help you to learn easily the way to control your body and have as long lovemaking with your partner as you want it to be. It is important to point out that the purpose of the lingam massage is not to achieve orgasm!

Double pleasure
If you like to accumulate pleasures then choose our four handed synchronised massage program where not only one but two stunning masseuses are massaging your body. The ladies are massaging in sync, starting from your foot up to the arms. Since the human body is symmetrical, a synchronised massage can be done in perfect harmony. Without any doubts, this massage means double pleasure!
Sliding massage
This is a gentle and a sensual type of massage at the same time, where the masseuse massages you with her own body. Soft, stroking, circular and sliding movements with oily body surfaces will relax and pamper you at the same time. The intense body contact and sensual view enhances the pleasures and the depth of senses. Let the daily stress and tension out as you enjoy this special sensual experience.


This form of massage focuses on the enhancement of sensuality. During the nuru massage, the masseur first applies the warm, slippery massaging gel to his own body and the client’s skin. Then he massages your body with sliding movements with his own body. During the nuru massage, our masseurs can use all body parts including hands, arms, legs and body. You will not only experience relaxation but also raise your level of senses to a higher level.
Yoni massage for ladies
Yoni massage is often considered as the king of massages as it is focusing on the most intimate parts of a female body. There is no other type of massage where women reveal of their private and vulnerable faces. This massage offers to explore our own body without the pressure to perform. The goal is not to reach orgasm but to experience the joyful path leading to it while having quite intense and full-body experiences.
VIP Jacuzzi experience
Pamper yourself with one or more masseuses while being in a jacuzzi. Beside the hydromassage, one or more masseuses ensure an unforgettable experience and relaxation with their soft and erotic movements. To spice up this pleasant experience, we offer champagne in addition. You will have such a unique sensual experience which you will never forget.